Mope City - Decide For Me

From their latest album ‘News From Home’ out now!

Playing in Brisbane 13/04/2019

Sonic Sherpa Records -Record Store Day Performance at 1pm

The Bearded Lady- LP Launch w/ The Stroppies, Blank Realm, Display Home, Julia R Anderson at 8pm

Matthew Ford
Worm Cafe- Turning
54729083_774988812885852_6300901960228798464_n (1).jpg

New release alert! Here's a track from the upcoming self-titled Worm Cafe cassette. Ft. Amaya Lang, Julia Wylie & Kate Lowrie. Sounds like: the nasty virus we obtained this week. Out late april!

Worm Cafe perform Saturday March 23 at Nighthawks in Melbourne for the Mope City LP Launch.

Matthew Ford
Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets- Mimosas

If Adelaide isn’t the rock and roll capital of the world I am not quite sure where is. Those still active in guitar strummin’ over thereseem to keep churning out quality axe-ridden tracks, whilst the rest of the country decides whether guitars are still relevant. New grid city group Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets have displayed allegiance to their school yard crushes on Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, mum's love of the 80s and a sullen understanding that everything is in chaos on the first track ‘Mimosas’ their debut 6 track cassette Ego Death. RWTSS was brewed up by Wireheads frontman Dom Trimboli (the Wizards) and Wireheads videographer Alex Gordon-Smith in the midst of a mimosa coma, eventually coming to, finding themselves walking a velvet saunter with Liam Kenny (Nylex, Wireheads, Workhorse), Elena Nees (Allume, Maraby Band) and Dana Ashford (Gentleworms). Ego Death is out this Friday October 5th through Tenth Court. $5 pre-orders are available from our website until the release date. Check out the video for Mimosas below:

Rex Wonderful & The Silk Sheets launch their tape in Adelaide this Saturday October 6th at new venue The Golden Wattle w/ Dom Trimboli & The Wizards (7” launch), Allume & Edith Parsons-Lucas.

Matthew Ford
Mope City- Medicine Drawer
Mope City photo.jpg

Mope City return triumphantly, walking (with some warped swagger) from a cool-expensive-movie-explosion-scene, covered in bleak ambiguity and the husks of an ambien bottle. If you thought the last Kitchen's Floor album was just a rip-off of Limp Bizkit's 'Significant Other', you'll be glad to know that downer pop is back, for real this time. This brand new track, Medicine Drawer, is from Mope City's upcoming album 'News From Home' out in late 2018 through us. News From Home was recorded by Peter Beringer & the band in NSW and mixed / mastered by Kramer (who's worked with the likes of Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Pussy Galore etc.) at Noise Miami. Chuck your head inside your own Medicine Drawer if your phone happens to be stuck in there and this song is coincidentally playing on said device. You could also grab a cassingle which includes two non-album B-side tracks.

Mope City are making a rare appearance in Sydney this Friday July 20 w/ Miners & The Jack Lee Group.

The last copies for their debut album Petri Dish are currently on sale on our website for a very nice price.

Matthew Ford
Nylex- Fascinate

If you were with it you would have seen this track on our most recently updated sampler. If you're not with it, like I, well here you go. A fine new Adelaide band called Nylex featuring members of Rule Of Thirds, Wireheads and all of those other fantastic church-city groups. It's from a self-titled cassette we only got the tracks for a few weeks ago. Smells to me like Pylon & The Passions smoked a resin-hoob together and played air-guitar to their favourite Cleaners From Venus Album... or not really like that at all really. De-script me my descriptions. This cassette is out May 18 and they're doing two co-launches with Orlando furious plus a couple other shows around Adelaide & Brisbane:

18/05 Betty's Espresso, Brisbane (tape launch) w/ Orlando furious, Manners & Scaredy Snake

19/05 East Brisbane Bowls Club w/ BB & The Blips, Cannon, Lexicon & Gurn

26/05 The Metro, Adelaide w/ The Native Cats & Men With Chips

 02/06 Aeso Studios, Melbourne w/ Second Sight, V, Hard Data & Hot Topic

16/06 Biggies, Adelaide (tape launch) w/ Orlando furious


Matthew Ford