Mope City- Medicine Drawer

Mope City photo.jpg

Mope City return triumphantly, walking (with some warped swagger) from a cool-expensive-movie-explosion-scene, covered in bleak ambiguity and the husks of an ambien bottle. If you thought the last Kitchen's Floor album was just a rip-off of Limp Bizkit's 'Significant Other', you'll be glad to know that downer pop is back, for real this time. This brand new track, Medicine Drawer, is from Mope City's upcoming album 'News From Home' out in late 2018 through us. News From Home was recorded by Peter Beringer & the band in NSW and mixed / mastered by Kramer (who's worked with the likes of Galaxie 500, Daniel Johnston, Pussy Galore etc.) at Noise Miami. Chuck your head inside your own Medicine Drawer if your phone happens to be stuck in there and this song is coincidentally playing on said device. You could also grab a cassingle which includes two non-album B-side tracks.

Mope City are making a rare appearance in Sydney this Friday July 20 w/ Miners & The Jack Lee Group.

The last copies for their debut album Petri Dish are currently on sale on our website for a very nice price.

Matthew Ford